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Senior Management Team

Danielle Lowe

Danielle is a co-owner. She is an Arizona Wildcat at heart, having graduated with her master’s degree from the University of Arizona. Her second master’s is in Educational Leadership from Northern Arizona University. She is passionate about developing clinicians’ understanding of their role as a leader. Her areas of expertise include school-based therapy, adolescent social skills, twice-exceptional and neuromotor disorders.

Kristin Blanchard

Kristin is a co-owner. While she is a Wildcat fan for sports, having graduated with her master’s degree from Arizona State University, she holds a deep affinity to the ASU speech and hearing program. She enjoys sharing both her clinical experiences and job skills to support therapist’s longevity in the field. Her clinical expertise includes early intervention, Autism, Apraxia, feeding and school-based therapy.


Schools Director/SLP
Lauren provides leadership and support for school clients. She manages all business aspects related to contracts and relationships. Her school-based expertise positions her to be a strategic advisor with schools to help navigate everyday challenges. Within the organization, she oversees people and processes to ensure they deliver outcomes that support our school clients.


Clinic Director/SLP-Pediatric Feeding Specialist
Leslie provides clinical oversight and leadership to all clinic operations. She manages all business aspects related to the pediatric and adult clinics. She develops, implements, and evaluates the clinic and home health programs. Her areas of expertise include: early intervention, feeding, Autism, Apraxia, and pla- based techniques.


HR Director
Lisa develops and executes human resource strategy in support of the overall business plan specifically in the areas of talent management, organizational management, performance management, training and development, and compensation. She provides strategic leadership by articulating HR needs and plans to the executive management team.


Therapy Program Director/SLP
Ashley enjoys supporting, guiding and mentoring therapists. She combines her school based knowledge and compassionate leadership skills to support clinicians in the field. She enjoys balancing SLP-A supervision in the field with her leadership duties.


OT Program Director/Pediatric Feeding Specialist
Lisa leads the OT program in the outpatient clinic, homes and schools. She is passionate about putting evidenced-based practice to best use during assessments and intervention. Her speciality areas include: feeding therapy, early intervention, Autism, and school-based therapy.


PT Program Director/PT
Monica brings a wealth of knowledge and excitement assisting both pediatric and adult clients. She builds and manages the entire physical therapy program. Her specialty areas include torticollis, delayed motor milestones, musculoskeletal disorders, neuromotor disorders, abnormal gait patterns, and amputee rehabilitation.


Development Director/SLP-A
Rachel develops, implements and evaluates all training and development programs. She has a deep understanding of the elements needed to create a successful assistant and supervisor team. She uses her school-based expertise in both therapy and compliance as an essential component of training to help clinicians become more effective and efficient.

Junior Leadership Team


Lead SLP, Pediatric Feeding Therapist, Certified Lactation Counselor


Lead SLP


Lead SLP


Lead SLP Schools


Lead OT Schools


Lead OT, Pediatric Feeding Therapist


Lead PT


Lead PT