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Mariposa is an Arizona-based, 100% therapist-owned company!

With over twenty years of experience in charter schools and traditional public schools, Mariposa is an expert in school special education therapy services. Mariposa is growing its practice to include therapy services for home and clinic based settings. Expanding will allow us to better serve families and individuals of all ages with developmental needs reach their fullest potential. Whether you are interested in school-based services or therapy services, Mariposa has you covered.

The Mariposa difference is that our staff is comprised of our own employees. This means you get the best person that we have personally trained in both areas of competent practice and effective treatment. Our friendly, caring staff is well-trained and easy to work with. We only hire the best!


Our Therapy Clinic

Whether it's school services, clinic therapy, or home-based therapy we got you covered.

Mariposa is a Arizona DDD provider. Our clinic is conveniently located in Tempe, AZ. Since 2009, Mariposa is a leading Speech and Occupational therapy practice in Phoenix, Arizona. Our Tempe clinic location, home-based and school services allow us to better serve you and your families needs.


Here at Mariposa we provide a variety of speech and language therapy services for children, adolescents and adults with a range of disabilities. Click on the icons below to learn more

Summer Camps

Creating interactive activities for children to learn and grow together

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Speech & Language Therapy

Helping patients understand others and share ideas

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Occupational Therapy

Improving developmental and learning abilities for day-to-day activities

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Feeding & Picky Eaters

Teaching feeding by making it fun, not stressful and working to expand the child's food repertoire.

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School Age Services

Offering therapy to school-aged children to enhance their school experience

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Parent Education

Supporting and educating parents through their child’s therapy process

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Latest Blogs

Different Types of Speech Problems

When your child starts having trouble pronouncing some words, or saying certain sounds, you might have to consider taking your child to see a speech therapist. But, what exactly do speech therapists help with exactly? Speech therapists, or speech pathologists, can help out with a variety of problems associated with children and their speech patterns.

Toddler Speech Issues

It can be difficult to list specific speech problems with young children, as they are just learning to speak, but it is important to know what to expect. Children will commonly mispronounce words, or use certain letters in place of others, without there being any need for concern. In fact, many of these “issues” can

Environment Affects on Your Child

Are you constantly thinking of various techniques and methods to get your child to start talking? Speech language therapists have a lot of tricks up their sleeves to help you out. One most commonly used is “Communication Temptations” (Wetherby and Prizant, 1989). This little strategy can be used to help a late-talker start talking, to


I feel Mariposa has put together a great program for children that will help them grow as individuals. The things my son has learned just in a few weeks he uses in his everyday life. As a mother of a child with Autism, people and organizations such as this can change your life. Thank you for what you do!

-Sarah H.

Child-Centered Therapy

We focus on supporting individualizes with reaching their full potential.

Collaborative Relationships

We work with clients and families to support individuals to participate in quality life experiences.

Competent Practice

We use research based techniques to assist clients achieving qualitative and quantitative progress toward their goals.


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