Speech/Language, Occupational and Physical Therapy Clinic

Why Choose Us

The Mariposa Vision is what makes us stand out, and we are sure you will feel the difference.

  • Client-Centered
    We want to see our clients reach their potential. 
  • Collaborative Relationships
    When we work together, we can achieve so much more.
  • Competent Practice
    We pride ourselves on excellence in speech and language, occupational, feeding, and physical therapy treatment and assessment.
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We offer all therapy disciplines: speech/language, occupational, feeding and physical therapy programs, and actively collaborate across disciplines to holistically address client goals. When we work together, remarkable things can happen.


We are committed to hiring the best and have an extensive recruiting, hiring, and training program in comparison to other companies, which simply staff random contractors to do the job.


Our speech, occupational, and physical therapists are employees, and their mission is to create treatment plans that make therapy a positive experience, empower patients, optimize results, and ultimately change lives.


We have a dedicated leadership team that provides expert training, supervision, and feedback to ensure that we are accountable to one another to provide exceptional services.

What We Do


We provide clinic and home-based therapy services in all disciplines:

  • Speech/Language Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Feeding Therapy

We understand the importance of affordable treatment, and that’s why we became a DDD and Medicare provider for the State of Arizona. We are also in-network providers for many private insurance companies.


Mariposa partners with public school districts and charter schools throughout Arizona to provide speech, occupational, and physical therapy services. With over 25 years of school experience, we are experts in school-based related therapy services.


We understand that many of our clients are part of a vulnerable and medically fragile population. We offer synchronous teletherapy to effectively partner with our entire community.

Mariposa’s Story

Life can send delightful surprises when you least expect it. When our children were little, we met at a nursing mother’s support group, finding out very serendipitously that we had a lot in common, including being speech-language pathologists. We slowly began to know each other through other chance meetings, and a partnership grew. Eventually, we decided to join forces and talents and create what is now Mariposa Therapy Services. Our combined skills and training have created a unique professional synergy that continues to grow and evolve organically over time. Kristin has a background in work with cochlear implants, early intervention, K-8 schools, apraxia, feeding, and adult neuro rehab. Danielle has extensive experience with high functioning ASD, social communication differences due to giftedness, adolescent social language, K-12 schools, childhood language impairments, and leadership. We combine this knowledge to guide our vision and support our clinicians as well as the clients we serve.

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What our Clients Say

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