Adult Occupational, Speech, & Physical Therapy

A Team Approach

Mariposa Therapy provides the highest quality rehabilitative services in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech/language therapy through personalized care and innovative approaches. We are improving the lives of our patients and changing their future participation in desired family and community activities.

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Physical Therapy

Hands-on treatment to optimize recovery from neurological and orthopedic conditions, cancer-related complications, and others.

Occupational Therapy

Improve fine and gross motor coordination, strengthen muscles, and develop skills needed for daily living and others.

Speech Therapy

Services related to communication challenges resulting from neurological conditions, apraxia, concussion recovery, stuttering, and others.

Mariposa Therapy Services is an Arizona Medicare provider, and we also accept many major insurance plans. Our speech, occupational and physical therapists use a hands-on approach with compassionate care to make you feel comfortable. We begin with a comprehensive assessment to get you started on your rehabilitation journey and encourage patient input for treatment planning and goal setting. Take a tour of our new adult therapy clinic in Tempe.


If you or a family member needs physical, occupational, or speech/language therapy, we don’t want you to go through it alone.